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We provide innovative and effective solutions to a huge variety of sites.

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Our company has many fields of applications; industrial, logistics, military and many more...

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Our clients trust us, as we always provide the best possible outcome.

Military Consultations

We work with the Hellenic Armed Forces and the Civil Defense regarding issues of National Safety and Security.

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Welcome to SafetyTech Hellas P.C., your trusted partner in Advanced Security and Safety Technologies. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, we take pride in offering cutting-edge solutions to a diverse range of challenges. Our extensive knowledge and experience uniquely position us to address both Corporate and Personal security needs, guaranteeing the safety of our valued clients.

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About us
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At SafetyTech Hellas P.C., our commitment to client satisfaction is at the forefront of our mission. Our experienced and talented staff approaches each project with meticulous attention, taking the unique needs of our clients seriously. We pride ourselves on the development and execution of detailed, carefully studied plans to ensure the fulfillment of these needs.

We believe that a supportive and friendly environment fosters innovation and excellence. Our corporate culture is designed to empower our valuable employees to freely discuss their needs and contribute creatively to every new project we undertake. We recognize that communication is the key to success, and we actively encourage open dialogue across all aspects of our corporate environment.

Sewio RTLS
Sigma Security
Advanced Engineering
Axxon Software
Ajax Security
Toyota Material Handling
Attikes Diadromes
Upourgeio Enthikis Amunas
Istion Yachting


As a team who values innovation and technology, we make sure to expand on our applications and broaden our horizons on all the possibilities that our future holds.

Sewio RTLS

RTLS Solutions

In our capacity as a distinguished partner of Sewio, we take great pride in offering and implementing cutting-edge Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) for our esteemed industrial clientele. This technology revolutionizes industrial operations, ushering in a new era of efficiency and safety within work environments.

Ajax Secuity Systems

Ajax Specialists

As Ajax specialists, we are uniquely equipped with specialized training to address your specific requirements for safety. Count on our expertise to navigate the complexities of Ajax technologies, tailored to meet and exceed your needs with precision and dedication.

Industrial Safety

SafetyTech specializes in industrial safety solutions, like the prevention of vehicle and pedestrian collisions while ensuring the immobilization of vehicles for enhanced security. Trust us to safeguard your operations with innovative technologies designed to mitigate risks and prioritize the well-being of both your workforce and assets.


We harness the power of AI for CCTV to transform urban landscapes into smart cities. From intelligent traffic control to efficient parking management, our cutting-edge solutions redefine security and streamline urban operations for a safer, smarter future.

Material Handling

Leverage our unparalleled expertise and knowledge powered by Toyota Material Handling. Our proficiency extends to advanced loading and unloading systems, ensuring efficient and seamless operations for your material handling needs.

Innovation Masters

At SafetyTech Hellas P.C., we thrive on the extraordinary. No problem is too complex for our skilled team, as we specialize in turning challenges into opportunities through innovative solutions and unwavering dedication.

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Find here some of the solutions; both products and methods we use to solve all your sophisticated problems effectively.

Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure

Sophisticated hardware and cost-effective plans to ensure the safety of your valuable units.
Employee Safety

Employee Safety

A company is as strong as its employees, so we ensure to provide ways that ensure employee safety.
Forklift Tracking

Forklift Tracking

Forklifts can become very dangerous very fast. So, due to the powerful safety and anti-collisions hardware, we have ways you can protect your personnel and your establishments from forklift accidents
Logistics Tracking

Logistics Tracking

Know where everything and everyone is all the time with our effective ways of logistics tracking.

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